11-13-17 TIF Ordinance


NOTICE is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of East Lampeter Township,
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (“the Township”), at its regular meeting on Monday,
November 13, 2017, at 7:30 p.m., at the Township Municipal Building, 2250 Old Philadelphia
Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602, will consider adoption of an Ordinance creating a Tax Increment
District as authorized by Section 5(a)(6) of the Tax Increment Financing (“TIF”) Act of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 53 P.s. § 6930.5(a)(6), to be known as the Lincoln Highway
TIF District (“the TIF District”), approving a Project Plan for the TIF District, designating the
East Lampeter Industrial and Commercial Authority (“ELICA”) as the holder of TIF funds,
allocating real property tax increments in the TIF District to said holder for the purposes of
paying costs associated with the Project Plan, authorizing execution and delivery by the
Township of a TIF Agreement, authorizing and directing the proper officers of the Township to
take and authorize all acts necessary to implement the Project Plan and said Agreement, setting
forth related matters, and repealing all ordinances and resolutions or parts of ordinances or
resolutions insofar as the same are inconsistent with the Ordinance.

The following is a brief summary of said proposed Ordinance:
Section l sets forth the definitions of certain words and phases.
Section 2 sets forth the boundaries of the TIF District to encompass a geographic area
located within the Township.
Section 3 sets forth the creation and term of the TIF District.
Section 4 sets forth that the name of the TIF District.
Section 5 sets forth legislative findings of the Township Board of Supervisors.
Section 6 approves the Project Plan for the TIF District.
Section 7 designates the ELICA as the TIF authority for preparing, implementing,
monitoring and directing the Project Plan.
Section 8 prohibits the ELICA from issuing any bonds or notes.
Section 9 allocates to ELI CA 100% of all tax increment revenues of the Township
received from the date on which the TIF District is created until that time, after completion of all
improvements specified as part of the Project in the Project Plan, when ELI CA has received
aggregate Tax Increment Revenues allocated to it by the participating local government units in
an amount equal to the aggregate of all expenditures made or monetary obligations incurred for
Project Costs.
Section 10 requires the finance officer of the Township to deposit certain real property
tax revenues with the ELICA.
Section 11 authorizes the Township to enter into an agreement with ELICA and other
local government units participating in the TIF District.
Section 12 provides for amendments to the Project Plan and the TIF District.
Section 13 provides that authority granted to officers of the Township by the proposed
Ordinance may be exercised by their successors in office.
Section 14 ratifies certain prior actions.
Section 15 provides for severability of any parts of the proposed Ordinance that may be
deemed invalid.
Section 16 repeals any inconsistent ordinances or resolutions.
Section 17 requires the publishing of a notice of enactment and the recording in the
Township Ordinance Book.
Section 18 provides for the effective date of the proposed Ordinance.

Copies of the full text of the proposed Ordinance may be examined without charge or
obtained for a charge not greater than the cost thereof at the Township Municipal Building at the
address set forth above Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., and during
regular business hours at LNP Media Group, Inc. 8 West King Street, Lancaster, PA 17608 and
the Lancaster County Law Library, Lancaster County Courthouse, 50 N. Duke Street, Lancaster,

Ralph Hutchison, Manager
East Lampeter Township