Zoning Ordinance Amendment Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, will conduct a public hearing and consider adoption of the ordinance summarized below, at a regular meeting to be held on Monday, September 21, 2020, at 7:30 P.M. at the East Lampeter Township Municipal Building, 2250 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The following is the title and summary of the ordinance:


            OF 2016, AS AMENDED

The proposed ordinance consists of a number of technical corrections to and amendments of the East Lampeter Township Zoning Ordinance of 2016 which is restated in its entirety.  The revisions generally consist of adjustments to various dimensional regulations, revisions to the lists of permitted uses within various districts, definitions, and administrative provisions which appear throughout the ordinance.  More specifically, the definition of Farmers Market would be revised and such use would be permitted by right in the BP district, Municipal Uses would be permitted by right in all zoning districts, Nursery uses would be permitted by right in the BH district, Theater uses would be permitted by special exception and not by right in the BH district, and Automobile Repair Facility would be removed as a special exception use in the VG district.  Dimensional adjustments would be made to the provisions involving the maximum size of kennel operations and the requirements for buffer strips with kennel operations.  Provisions as they relate to maximum lot coverage and maximum building coverage would be amended in the AG district.  Provisions would be added to allow the maximum height for extended stay hotels to be equal to that of other hotels in the same district.  Provisions would be added so as to allow unattached buildings for accessory uses within the AG district to be located in front of a dwelling.  Provisions would be added to allow Agricultural Livestock Fencing to be placed within the front yard setback at a height no greater than four feet (4’) when not in conflict with a clear site triangle or stop condition in the AG district.  Provisions as they relate to requirements that landowners must own or manage a non-residential use in a building containing an accessory apartment will be deleted.  Provisions would be added that relate to Transit Bus Shelter Advertising.  Provisions would be revised so as to allow a zero side yard setback in a situation where Manufactured Homes with a garage for each unit utilize a shared side wall at the garage.  Provisions would be revised with regard to traffic control for Schools so as to clarify the regulations and applications to certain types of schools.  Provisions would be revised to indicate the maximum height of a school.  In addition, non-substantive changes would be made to provide clarification and consistency throughout the ordinance. 

At the conclusion of the hearing, the Board shall consider adoption of the ordinance described above.  The full texts of the proposed ordinance may be examined at the Township Office during regular business hours.  Copies may be obtained for a charge not greater than the cost thereof.  However, because no person may be in the office at the time of desired examination, it is recommended that any person desiring to examine the documents call the Township Office (Telephone No. 717-393-1567) for an appointment.  Persons with disabilities who require any auxiliary aid, service, or other accommodation to observe or participate should contact the Township Office at least five days before the above date to discuss how your needs may be best accommodated. 

The public is cordially invited to attend the hearing.



                                                                                    BY:     Susan P. Peipher, Solicitor

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