PEMA SBA Declaration

A declaration has been received for Berks county which also includes adjacent/contiguous counties including Lancaster County. Please see the following link for more information.

Local Utilities


Please note that if you have public water service, that is provided by and billed by the Lancaster City Water Bureau.  Problems or questions regarding public water service should therefore be directed to the Lancaster City Water Bureau. (717) 291-4820.

FAQ for Lancaster City Water Bureau


In the areas of the Township where public sewers are located, East Lampeter Township for this service. If you have a question about your sewer billing or if you have a problem with your sewer service, please contact the Township office or please call (717) 393-1567.
All on-lot sewage systems require regular maintenance.  They should be pumped out at least once every four years. If you are installing a new on-lot system or repairing an existing one, a permit is required please call (717) 393-1567.

2015 Sewer Rate Increase Increase.pdf

2016 Sewer Rates.pdf


All properties in the Township are required to dispose of their solid wastes properly and recycle. Trash pickup is private in East Lampeter Township. See the  list of all the registered trash haulers for our Township on the Recycling page.

PP&L:  1-800-342-5775

Natural Gas
UGI:  1-800-276-2722

Cable TV
Comcast:  (877) 495-6637

Comcast: (877) 495-6637
Windstream: (800) 347-1991
Verizon:  (800) 660-2215
AT&T: (800) 354-2455
MCI: (800) 950-5555
Frontier: (800) 921-8101
Take note that many of the phone and cable companies offer all 3 services, phone, internet, and tv.