Stormwater Management Program Fees

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Impervious AreaQuarterly Rate
Tier 0Less than 500 sq. ft., IANo Charge
Tier 1500 – 1,499 sq. ft., IA$7.80
Tier 21,500 – 2,999 sq. ft., IA$16.50
Tier 33,000 – 4,499 sq. ft., IA$27.90
Tier 44,500 – 7,999 sq. ft., IA$38.10
Tier 5Greater than or equal
to 8,000 sq. ft., IA
See below*
*Tier 5 Quarterly – Billed a flat fee of $38.10 (for the first 8,000 sq. ft.) per quarter, and billed under USAGE includes $6.30 per quarter per 1,000 sq. ft. for any additional impervious area over the first 8,000 sq. ft.

What is Impervious Area?

Surfaces which prevent the he infiltration of water into the ground. All structures, buildings, parking areas, driveways, roads, streets, sidewalks, decks, and any areas of concrete, asphalt, packed stone, and compacted soil shall be considered impervious surface if they prevent infiltration.

East Lampeter Township thanks those who took the time to attend the stormwater fee public meetings in October 2019. We are appreciative of the thoughtful comments offered and questions asked and have made changes accordingly. If you would like more specific information from the October 2019 public meeting, please see the slide presentation and fee study process available at the following links:

Stormwater Fee Public Meeting Presentation Stormwater Fee Study

The meeting was also covered by the local news sources, should you wish to view these links below, note you must be a subscriber to Lancaster Online for some.

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