Planning Projects

Bridgeport Study Open House originally scheduled for April 1, 2020 has been postponed until further notice however, there are two ways you can help us to enhance the roadways, sidewalks, crosswalks, trails, and land uses throughout the Bridgeport, Lancaster area. We encourage everyone to do two things:

1) Visit the Bridgeport Crossroads web site to see our latest transportation and land use alternative documents. We will be updating the content over the next few weeks.


Route 30 Streetscape Project

The second phase of the Route 30 Streetscape Plan has been completed and was adopted by the East Lampeter Township Board of Supervisors on May 11, 2015.
Route 30 Streetscape Plan
During the process, the advisory committee provided valuable suggestions on how the corridor should look, function, and feel to the everyday user and tourists.  The project corridor runs from the intersection of Route 30 and Route 896 west to the intersection of Route 462 and Strasburg Pike.  For further background on the project, please read the Route 30 Project Background Report below.
Route 30 – Project Background
Throughout the planning process three workshops were held with stakeholders in the corridor and with the general public.  The summaries of those workshops are below.
09-23-14 Workshop Summary
Stakeholder Workshop and Public Open House Summary
02-03-15 Workshop Summary

Business Improvement District(BID)

One of the recommendations of the Rt. 30 Streetscape Plan is to create a Business Improvement District (BID) that would work to assist with efforts to implement other recommendations in the streetscape plan. The Preliminary Plan for the creation of a BID in the Lincoln Highway corridor has been prepared and sent out to all of the property owners in the corridor. A public hearing on the preliminary plan was held on Monday, March 20, 2017 in the Township Public meeting room. The Board of Supervisors heard comments on the preliminary plan and approved it as the Final Plan at their regular meeting on Monday, March 20, 2017. The plan sets forth the proposed area of the BID, a proposed budget, proposed projects to be completed by the BID, the proposed level of self-assessment needed to fund the BID and the duties and responsibilities of the BID and the Township.

Lancaster Heritage Pathway Planning Project

Conestoga Valley Parks and Recreation Plan