Public Works

Sewer Department

Don’t Flush Wipes, Napkins & Paper Towels: In order to keep sewer systems up and running during this crucial time, do not flush Wipes, Napkins and Paper Towels.  This will help eliminate sewer line blockage.

The sewer department maintains 85.6 miles of sewer lines, which include gravity mains, pumping stations force pressure mains, and low pressure mains. There are approximately 1,600 manholes, nine pump stations, three siphons, four metering stations, and 520 residential grinder pump systems.

All on-lot sewage systems require regular maintenance.  They should be pumped out at least once every four years.

If you are installing a new on-lot system or repairing an existing one, a permit is required.  The Township can provide you with contact information for the Sewage Enforcement Officer when a permit is required or if you have questions or concerns about your on-lot system.

In the areas of the Township where public sewers are located, property owners are billed quarterly for this service.  Quarterly bills are issued in January, April, July and October each for the previous quarter, and are required to be paid within thirty  days.  If you have a question about your sewer billing or if you have a problem with your sewer service, please contact the Township office (717-393-1567).

Click Here to Pay Quarterly Sanitary Sewer Billing

*Please note that if you have public water service, that is provided by and billed at Lancaster City.  Problems or questions regarding public water service should therefore be directed to the Lancaster City Water Bureau.

Roads Department

The road department maintains approximately ninety-seven to one hundred miles of Township roadways and 4.86 miles of State roadway (winter operations only). The Roads Departments tasks include paving, oil and chip, crack sealing, shoulder repair, storm sewer installation replacement and maintenance. They also maintain street name signs and traffic control signs in the township.

Snow removal and salt spreading is performed by all members of the Public Works Department.

East Lampeter Townships Public Works Department performs maintenance to the road ways, sewer, storm sewer, mowing alongside the roads, and snow removal.  You will see us all year on the roads around the Township. 

We ask that when you see us working that you please slow down and dedicate your full attention to the roadway. Avoid changing radio stations and using mobile phones while driving in a work zone. Keep an eye out for workers and their equipment. Signs and flaggers save lives.  Remember be patient the Public Works crew members are working to improve your Township roads.

Lancaster County Weekly Road Construction Report

Lancaster PENNDOT District 8 Road Construction

Park Department

The park department maintains approximately eighty-one acres of land and facilities in the three Township Parks. The different tasks performed are maintenance on pavilions, trails, flower beds, trees, restrooms, playground equipment, grills, trash, and stream banks.