Emergency Services




The Volunteer Fire Companies based in East Lampeter Township enjoy a strong working relationship with each other and with the East Lampeter Township Board of Supervisors. All those involved with the Fire Companies and the Township recognize that high quality Emergency Services are being provided to the community by all of these Fire Companies. The protection of life and property, providing essential public services and improving the quality of life in the community are the primary purposes of the Fire Companies and the Township.

Changing conditions in society and the local area make it necessary for our organizations to continually evaluate the way that we organize, prepare and respond to the needs of the community. Issues related to membership, training, service areas, adequate revenues and rising costs are constant challenges in a changing environment.

The Volunteer Fire Companies and East Lampeter Township have a strong desire to preserve and where possible to improve Volunteer Fire service in the community. As an expansion of the positive relationships currently in place these organizations will, with the assistance of the community, work together to investigate and explore all possibilities for changes that will preserve high quality Volunteer Emergency services to the community.

The mission of the Emergency Services committee will be:

  • To act as the vehicle for discussing possibilities for change and making recommendations for change to the Fire Companies (individually or as a group) and the Township.
  • To recognize and promote Volunteer Fire Service in East Lampeter Township
  • To work for the preservation of Volunteer Fire Service in East Lampeter Township

East Lampeter Township

Mike Thornton, Supervisor
Roger Rutt, Supervisor Alternate
Dana Ormerod, Citizen

Hand In Hand Fire Company

Paul Fisher, Fire Company Rep.
Don Boyer, Fire Company Alternate
Jim Petersheim, Citizen

Lafayette Fire Company

Jason Beiler, Fire Company Rep.
David Keens, Fire Company Alternate
Eric Bergstrom, Citizen

Ronks Fire Company

Dave Gribble, Fire Company Rep.
Nate Church, Fire Company Alternate
Melanie McHenry, Citizen

Witmer Fire Company

Dakota Hoak, Fire Company Rep.
Mike Creamer, Fire Company Alternate
Chad Englerth, Citizen

Emergency Management Coordinator

Jeff Hatfield
Brett Fassnacht – Deputy