The Township’s Finance Department is headed by the Finance Director, under the supervision of the Township Manager. The Finance Department has the primary responsibility for the control and safeguarding of the Township’s assets. In order to provide and maintain the efficient and effective provision of this responsibility, the Finance Department performs many core functions. These core functions include, Financial Administration, Daily Financial Services, Financial Reporting and Technology Management.  These core functions are briefly described below:

Financial Administration

This function includes ensuring that financial controls, budgets, policies and operations of the Township are current and in compliance with legal requirements and Township requirements. The Finance Director oversees all of the procedures related to Financial Administration including the development and maintenance of internal control policies and practices, budget preparation and monitoring, revenue auditing and the record keeping for all operating, enterprise and fiduciary funds of the Township.

Daily Financial Services

This function includes the provision of essential services to Township residents, property owners, Township staff and vendors with accurate, consistent and timely financial services necessary to maintain financial operations, accounts receivable / payable and all other financial transactions current and reconciled. These services include payroll and employee benefits administration, accounting services, purchasing controls and the record keeping for all accounts receivable and account payable.

Financial Reporting

This function is primarily focused upon generating and providing accurate and timely Township Financial reports to the Board of Supervisors, Township residents and property owners, Township Department heads, regulatory agencies and other outside institutions in order to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and the provision of transparent disclosure of the Township’s ongoing financial position.

Technology Management

This function of the Finance Department is to provide for the planning, implementation, support and maintenance of the internal technology infrastructure in all departments of the Township.


Sewer Authority Audits

Budget Documents

Pension Disclosures

Pension Contributions

Pension Ordinances

Valuation Report