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This is a quick reference guide to help residents get the information they need when living in East Lampeter Township. 

Manheim Township Compost Park Available To East Lampeter Township Residents

East Lampeter Township is excited to announce a renewed partnership with Manheim Township for the use of the Manheim Township Compost Park effective May 2023.  This partnership will allow residents of East Lampeter Township the opportunity to purchase a card at East Lampeter Township to be used at the Manheim Township Compost Park, just like Manheim Township residents.  The card can then be shown to the attendant at the compost park and the fee paid for whatever load is being disposed of at the time.  Those fees are paid based on the Manheim Township Compost Park fee schedule.  Please note that only one card will be issued per address.  

Applications can be found at the East Lampeter Township office and cards can be purchased at the East Lampeter Township building for a nominal fee of $5.00 with proof of residency.  Proof of residency shall consist of any state or federal identification with an address in East Lampeter Township.  Please note that occupants of apartments and commercial uses are not eligible to purchase the card. 

East Lampeter Township card holders are responsible for adherence to all Manheim Township Compost Park Rules and Regulations; failure to follow the rules and regulations will result in card deactivation.

All Lancaster County Properties are to be reassessed effective January 1, 2018. Property owners should reference the Taxpayers Guide to the 2018 Reassessment if more information is desired.

2016 Local Earned Income Tax Information for Taxpayers

FEMA Flood Mapping and National Flood Insurance Information

Stormwater Management Reducing Runoff



In accordance with the recently revised US EPA Lead and Copper Rule, the City of Lancaster has initiated action to inventory all Water Service Lines within our service territory. This inventory must be completed by October 16, 2024. Enclosed you will find copies of letters sent to all water customers informing them of this initiative and asking them to verify their service line material. These letters are being sent with October and November utility bills.   

We would appreciate any assistance you can provide in getting the word out to your residents. We will follow up with materials to use for newsletters, social media, or other mediums used to communicate with your residents. You can find additional information about this initiative at cityoflancasterpa.gov/lead-service-line.   

Public water service is provided by and billed by the Lancaster City Water Bureau.  Problems or questions regarding public water service should therefore be directed to the Lancaster City Water Bureau. (717) 291-4820.

FAQ for Lancaster City Water Bureau
Lancaster City Drinking Water Problem Corrected 06-13-17 


If you have a question about your sewer billing or if you have a problem with your sewer service, please contact the Township office at (717) 393-1567.
All on-lot septic systems require regular maintenance.  They should be pumped out at least once every four years. If you are installing a new on-lot system or repairing an existing one, a permit is required please call (717) 393-1567.

2015 Sewer Rate Increase Increase.pdf
2016 Sewer Rates.pdf

PP&L:  1-800-342-5775 PPL Electric Utilities regarding payment assistance can be found here.

Natural Gas
UGI:  1-800-276-2722

Cable TV
Comcast:  (877) 495-6637

East Lampeter Township Board of Supervisors approved a franchise agreement with Shentel who will be installing cable and internet within the Township in the near future.

Comcast: (877) 495-6637
Windstream: (800) 347-1991
Verizon:  (800) 660-2215
AT&T: (800) 354-2455
MCI: (800) 950-5555
Frontier: (800) 921-8101
Take note that many of the phone and cable companies offer all 3 services, phone, internet, and tv.


All properties in the Township are required to dispose of their solid wastes properly and recycle. Trash pickup is private in East Lampeter Township. See the  list of all the registered trash haulers for our Township on the Recycling page.