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Public Input Request for the Lincoln Highway/Rte. 30 Corridor

East Lampeter Township is embarking on the development of a Branding, Gateway and Wayfinding program for the Lincoln Highway / Rte. 30 corridor (from Rte 896 to the Strasburg Pike intersection). The project includes the development of a unique name and identity to help market the businesses and destinations located along the corridor, as well as directional signage to direct to our community assets and attractions.

The project initiative was a recommendation of the 2015 Lincoln Highway Streetscape Master Plan and is being coordinated with related streetscape and road improvement projects.

We are currently beginning the Discovery phase of the project. During this stage the consultants (MERJE Design) will be gathering information that will help inform the conceptual designs.

Below you will find links to 2 online surveys.  The public surveys are the first step in a series of community input opportunities during the design process.

Branding Survey: This requests feedback about the image of the corridor, the visitor experience and the character and culture of the community.

Community Branding:

Wayfinding Survey: These questions are focused more on, how people get from point A to point B, what visitors are looking for and what wayfinding tools may be considered as part of the project.

 Wayfinding Survey:
Thank you in advance for your willingness to assist us!